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"I have tried so many products for my psoriasis and I thought your product was going to go in the trash like the rest of them including expensive prescription ones. My mom said she would buy it for me and I told her she was wasting her money, but it was her choice. I am so shocked that my psoriasis is doing so much better. The thickness and the "crustiness" is so much better, which has reduced the itching and picking. My friends and family have commented how much better my skin looks. It is truly a miracle, and has been life changing for me. You would be surprised how many people, including strangers, ask me what happened to my arm. I have quite a few areas over my body, so even using it sparingly I am almost through the large jar in about 10 weeks. Thank you so much for the extra jar and coupon, I am sure I will be ordering more. I was SO thankful I found your product on esty, I was concerned I wasn't going to find it online and was going to be without your product.

Thank your for a wonderful product, I can't say enough how much better emotionally I feel because my skin is so much better."

Patti Hay



"I was at the Phoenix Women's Expo back in April. I used your product and I was sold. Took me less than 60 seconds to buy it. Your 60 second miracle scrub honestly speaks for itself.

I bought your product while in AZ for my psoriasis. I have used it every day since May and my psoriasis it about 75% better. This is the only product, prescription or over the counter that has helped at all. I hope it will continue to get better with continued use."

-Thank you



"Bingo!! It really is a 60 second miracle, after trying over the counter anti itching creams and prescription anti itching creams. I also took Benadryl which didn't help much. My first itching problem stems from having polycythemia (too many red blood cells) and the doctor said the only way to relieve the itching was to have a phlebotomy (remove a pint of whole blood). It stopped a little and I continued to use the over the counter anti itching creams and prescription creams, and then my itching was getting worse and now on lots of areas of my body. I couldn't stand all this itching and waking up at night and scratching. I went to the dermatologist and he said I had excema which added to the itching problem I already had and told me to use a moisturizing lotion and put the prescription anti itch cream on top of that. He said it should clear up in 2 weeks, but it didn't.

At a craft fair I came across a booth selling The 60 Second Miracle product and it said it was for excema. I decided to give it a try. This truly was the miracle to ease my itching, as 60 seconds after I applied it, the itching stopped and lasted about 4 hours and then I would apply it again. I'm now able to get some much needed sleep at night. I still have some itching but nothing compared to what I had, thanks to The 60 Second Miracle coming to my rescue."

A Believer
Rosemary Middleton